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About Me, the Founder of the Peaceful Poetry Revolution

My background

I have been writing poetry since the 4th grade.  Mrs. Barker, my teacher, thought I would be a famous poet one day.  Perhaps the Peaceful Revolution idea is what will catapult me to fame.  But that 's not what this is about.  It's about creating WORLD PEACE....one poem at a time!

Open book

My writing roots

I wrote a poem in the fourth grade called Wonderful Yellow in honor of my mom's favorite color.  And the rest is history.  Or herstory, in this case.  Actually, herpoetry.  Though I've written a few short stories as well.

My style

I write free verse, lyrical poetry, sometimes it rhymes, sometimes it doesn't.  I use metaphors, simile, rhythm, etc.  But mostly it's meaningful to me and others because it comes from the heart and the imagination.